Shoes: Heels or Flats?

Fashion, the ultimate antidote to life. Obviously, the runway is never going to be the answer to world peace but everyday irritations can be eased by a wonderful wardrobe. Retail therapy is not the same as fashion therapy: retail therapy is an expensive short-term fix whilst fashion therapy is an ongoing, not necessarily costly, creative outlet. What’s bugging you this week? Is the tonic lurking in your wardrobe, makeup bag or accessories collection? For me foot wear is often a quick fix.

Heels or flats? This is sometimes the most important decision of my day. Really? Two reasons: the wrong choice can ruin my day; this decision impacts the rest of my wardrobe choices for the day. Flats = shorter skirts and no shoulder pads. Heels = longer skirts and shoulder pads. Obviously not absolutes, but for me, heels and short, tight skirts are too much totty for daylight hours. Flats = quirky; heels = sassy. If I could not feel my feet, it’d be heels 24/7 but all too often the decision comes down to agony Vs apathy.

Recently, I’ve tried a different approach to flats. Previously, my flats sat apologetically at the bottom of my outfit. Instead of a pair of nondescript pumps, I’ve reworked my flats from unnoticeable to quirky style details. How? Colour and/or texture? Clearly, this only works if your flats contrast the clothing. Oddly, it turns out bold footwear accentuates your face. How? Well, most urban dwellers have a default gaze which hovers below eye level. Naturally, as your distinctive flats hit their gaze they glance up to see who’s wearing such unique shoes. I’m not a behavioural scientist but perhaps that’s why our parents stressed the importance of smart footwear in making a first impression.

Heels are still my absolute favourite because of the way they make me feel when I’m elevated from my usual 5 4”; everything just seems better, apart from my feet of course!

If you’re looking for the perfect dress to team up with some flats, our new pattern, Beth, might be just what you’re after.


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One thought on “Shoes: Heels or Flats?”

  1. Love this blog post! – it’s just how I feel about shoes. I’m 5′ 4″ too and heels make all the difference to how I feel about myself. Perhaps there’s a compromise in not too high heels?……that’s about 3″ for me. Those 4 and 5 inch heels are just scary……..and you just need to get a glimpse of Victoria Beckham’s bare feet to know that they’re damaging as well as scary. Wearing some nice bold Rocket Dog flats as I type this 🙂

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