Sewing Fashion Icons

 Cloning the looks of others takes the creativity out of our style identity but fashion icons can inspire our sewing. Carine Roitfeld’s urbane style was the inspiration behind some of the key pieces in our Contemporary Classics Collection.

Carine’s casual, sleek silhouette is timeless and effortlessly elegant. We wanted the Carla skirt to reflect Carine’s clean lines but also have a fit and form that would make it practical for women’s busy lives. The inclusion of a back vent enabled the design to keep her fitted look whilst ensuring ease of movement.

Likewise, our Lauren shirt is all about strong femininity. It’s a masculine wardrobe staple with a feminine fit. If you want a super hot look opt for linen or sheers rather than cottons.

Whilst fashion icons often have extreme styles, they are a wonderful source of initial inspiration. Magpieing and mixing design details is a great way to approach your own styling.


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Imagination is precious.

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