Sewing Your Own Fashion

Create your ideal wardrobe; sewing clothes is a great way to develop your own fashion identity. We all know how frustrating it can be when you go clothes shopping only to come back empty-handed and disappointed. At Muse we’re in the process of completing the final pieces for our Contemporary Classics Collection which, as the name suggests, is compiled of timeless wardrobe staples.  
Become your own designer; sewing your fashion favourites, making the styles you want, in the fabric and colours you like is easier than you might think.

At Muse Attire we aim to inspire women to create their own style. September is always a key month in the fashion world, it’s also a great time for us to evaluate our own wardrobes. As home seamstresses, we love sewing but we also need to love wearing the clothes we’ve created. Like all designers, it’s important to think of the practical as well as the aesthetic.

Before starting your next project, some of the following questions may help you pick the ideal pattern and fabric for your needs:

  • Which current garments really work for me and how could these designs inspire future pieces?
  • What is my signature style or a quirky detail that’s individual to me?
  • What fabric textures do I love wearing and how can different fabrics types compliment or contrast one another?
  • Do I have an ideal style in my head which is not reflected in my current wardrobe and how can new garments bridge that gap?

This September why not sit down with a sketch pad and design your ideal style identity? Above is an example of one of our research and design boards for our Contemporary Classics Collection.


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